Rainbow Hale Estate


To provide as much privacy as possible, the address of the estate is not public. Once you contact us, we are happy to share the specifics.


We are located in the West Maui area on 5+ acres with ocean views. The closest beach is called Airport Beach and is a quick 5 mins drive away.


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Call, text, and/or email us directly to see what works best for you!


Tina, CAO (Chief Aloha Officer!)

Tel & text: (808) 268-1036



Also, while you are here, consider visiting the Rainbow Hale owners' coffee farm! Enjoy MauiGrown™ Coffee at the Ka'anapali Estate Coffee plantation and store in Lahaina, next to the historic Pioneer Mill Smokestack.


Then luxuriate in the three miles of pristine sand and crystal clear ocean at Ka'anapali Beach, and shop or dine at Whaler's Village.  Savor the "onolicious" local produce at Farmers Market store. And one of West Maui's best-kept secrets, The Fish Market! Cruise out between the three islands to observe whales November to March!

The Coffee Berry Borer Beetle is a pest that is very damaging to coffee plantations.  The Beetle is a hitchhiker and can travel on one's shoes and clothing.   So far, the Kaanapali Coffee Farms have been able to avoid infestation with careful safeguarding.   In the interest and preservation of

our coffee farm, we respectfully ask if you visit a farm or agricultural area during your time on Maui or neighboring islands, that you bag your clothing and shoes prior to returning to the Kaanapali Coffee Farms and immediately wash them.  We truly appreciate your assistance in keeping our crops healthy. 

Official Association Details & House Rules

Quiet hours are from 9:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. During non-quiet hours, audible sound beyond property boundaries shall not be more excessive than would otherwise be associated with a residential area.


Vehicles shall be parked in designated on-site parking areas only and not on the street.


Parties or group gatherings are limited to registered guests.


Maximum number of registered guests is 8.

Rest in the confidence that this vacation rental has been officially permitted:

#SUP2 2014/0007 and STWM 2015/0005.  GET/TAT W47502845-01