Your island paradise!

We love working with clients who are interested in controlling details and know exactly what they want when it comes to their vacations. We have built this property to be the backdrop and stage for you and your guests absolute enjoyment and appreciate that you are considering your options with us.


The possibilities of staging your gathering on your 5+ acres with 3,600 sq ft of living space and 2,400 sq ft of outdoor patios with gorgeous views are limitless. We are looking forward to seeing the vision unfold!

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Events, Galas, & Celebrations


The flexibility of this property extends to gatherings beyond exchanging vows and bridesmaids :) Rainbow Hale Estate is so well suited for celebrations in general.


Anniversary milestones

Charity fundraisers

Company holiday parties


Birthday parties

Bachelorette party

Ladies Luncheon

Poker Night

Surprise Parties

Tea Parties



Successful Party Tips

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Corporate Retreats


Some of the best rave reviews companies get are from employees that loved gathering in a place beyond hotel meeting rooms! The luxury of having a jumbo refrigerator stocked with fun snacks, lounging by the private pool, having conversations on the couch with the sound of people laughing in the kitchen, having breakout groupings in different parts of the house can't be beat. Many times, Rainbow Hale Estate is base camp and people stay at hotels nearby depending on the size of your group.


Whether you choose us or another site, we  cheer the idea that company's best creating, thinking, brain-storming, and bonding are around the corner!


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Best Practices for a Retreat

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